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Lighting By Veterans Black Friday

Christmas Light Installation with Lighting By Veterans

This Black Friday is going to be the Christmas Light Installation Door Buster Spectacular that you’ve been looking for.  Lighting By Veterans will be offering the first 5 callers a free installation.  If you are an existing lights customers you will only be required to pay the $40 removal fee or new light customers will only be required to pay for the materials.  This is the best deal that Lighting By Veterans have ever offered any client in the DFW Metroplex and it will go fast.

1.  Don’t take the chance of falling off of your roof this year just because your kids would like to see them and all of the neighbors are doing it.  Get a professional that is comfortable (insured) with heights to complete and remove your display.  

2.  Instead of getting your decorations from the store and then figuring out what would look best here or there, have Lighting By Veterans custom fit your lights to your home.  With thousand foot spools, we can make sure you have the cleanest decorations on the block.  

Lighting By Veterans has been in business for the past 4 seasons and is fully insured in the State of Texas.  Our Veteran installers has passed our electrician course and we currently have 2 Master Electricians on staff to assist with any Griswald Project.  Our Thanksgiving pricing will be only $3.50 per foot for incandescent (classic lighting) and $4.50 per foot for LED lighting.  Get to the 2014 Finish Line in style with Lighting By Veterans.

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Christmas Light Installation

Santa Claus is real with Ron Robey


The Real Santa Claus with Lighting By Veterans


I was strolling through the internet yesterday when I stumbled upon the real Santa Claus.  I didn’t know that he actually lives in Texas and has a side business installing Christmas Lights for LBV.  As the questions to Santa rolled off of my tongue, he began to tell me about all of the kids that need to “Believe to Receive.”  Our conversation then turned to the parents that give up on Santa because they can buy their kids presents.  Both He and I shook our heads and we know the truth and will never stop believing in the Spirit of Christmas.

Santa began working with Lighting By Veterans in 2011 making Texas twinkle with beauty. This effort was aligned with Him taking pride in the amazement and smiles of the Children who lived in their clients homes.  Christmas preparation begins the day after Christmas when you’re handling as many clients as LBV does.  If you’re looking for the BEST CHRISTMAS LIGHT INSTALLATION COMPANY in the marketplace than give us a call at 469-269-2838 (AVET) or check us out online at lightingbyveterans.com

This year with the help of the Real Santa Clause, LBV would like to introduce an authentic channel to the Spirit of Christmas himself, Santa Claus.  We would like to encourage children to have their parents email a story of a gift that their kids really would like to have or need this Christmas.  You can reach him by posting on Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter or just simply emailing him at info@lightingbyveterans.com.  You have to “Believe to Receive” and I would imagine there may be a few people reading these emails that would like to be Santa’s helpers.  😉


Original Blog can be found at:

Lighting By Veterans

469-269-2838 (AVET)



Lighting By Veterans is your local Christmas Light Installation Contractor in the Mckinney, Allen, Frisco, Denton, Fort Worth and Dallas area.  We specialize in Residential and Commercial Holiday Decoration Service and are looking forward to adding you to our satisfied customer list.  Last year Lighting By Veterans installed over 200 homes and businesses during November – December and this year LBV is expanding.  Now is the time to take advantage of our Pre-Season pricing and get on our schedule that is filling up fast.  Don’t wait until Thanksgiving and then expect the best pricing available, get it now and laugh at the rest of the neighbors who are envious of your decor.  You can contact Lighting By Veterans at 469-269-28387 (AVET) or check us out online at lightingbyveterans.com or goamericanveterans.com.  #LBVets #AVFence #mrronrobey  This is a Ron Robey owned and operated company.


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